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Do you want to try out the life at an island at the arctic circle? Apply for a residency in TRÆNA Artist in Residence. We open up one of our houses on Husøya for a creative stay at the islands on the arctic circle. Residents can apply for a period of 1-3 months.

DEADLINE for applications for projects in 2018 is the 22th of October 2017.

Click here for application forms 

NEWS 2017: If you are interested in our other programs, you can also apply as Business in Residence or Chefs in Residence.


Artists or other creative people can apply to stay for 1-3 months. Describe your idea for the stay, what you want to achieve during the time period, and how the idea involves the community. We welcome different kinds of residents: artistic, research-based, practical or commercial. The result could be everything from a radio show, an analysis, a book, to a cultural event. The applicant does not have to be a Norwegian citizen, but you must be over 18 years old. Read more about previous AIR-projects on this blog or at www.tenktraena.no/air.


As an artist, you get a free house  with enough space to be creative. In addition we help you find the local resources that you need to realize your project. Right now we offer one of the new built houses at Fløholmen to the artists. There you have a flat with kitchen, one bedroom and one guest room/working room and a open living room. You get a contact person in Træna who will be your local host and you’ll become a part of an entire island community with good people and our local resources! In your application to AIR TRÆNA you also define costs for travel and production, although it’s not guaranteed that we are able to cover those costs. For some projects we are able to help you with material cost or production through other funds. But since this is not a guarantee, you can´t base your application on that. Please contact us if you need advice setting up your application or talking through your idea.


Træna is a group of islands, a municipality far out to sea, about 33 nautical miles from the mainland. (See map) Here is a daily ferry to Stokkvågen connected to Mo i Rana, and a boat to Bodø or Sandnessjøen. Træna has about 500 inhabitants on four different islands. Husøya is the largest, with about 430 residents. Træna is known as one of Norways oldest fishing communities. In recent years the islands are also known for the spectacular Trænafestivalen. Each summer thousands of visitors come to experience a music festival far out at sea.

Read more about what is happening in Træna at www.tenktraena.no or read this little guidebook:  A Poor Man’s Connoisseur Coastal Guide To A Magical World, Far Up North, And How The Helvete To Get There written by Wyndham Wallace and Sondre Sommerfelt, produced by Trænafestivalen in cooperation with Træna Municipality.


Moa Björnson moa.bjornson@trana.kommune.no tel: (+47) 474 78 016


  • Residents must be minimum 18 years old

  • Residents must have a plan for the stay, and must have submitted a valid application within the deadline

The selection of projects will be based on following values:

  • Artistic Skills/competence level
    The level of the applicant’s professional expertise is being valued.

  • Newsworthy
    Is the project new, or have similar things already been tried out (at Træna or in Nordland)? The projects potential for innovation (new knowledge, new activities, new business ideas etc) is considered.

  • Contribution to the community
    What kind of effects will the project have in the local community? Residents interested in the involvement of the community and participation in the local/regional context is considered.

  • Spin-offs
    Is it possible that the project may contribute to further development after completion of the project?

Selection group: The local selection group consists of representatives from Træna municipality, Helgeland Museum, Trænafestivalen and from Træna local community.

Deadline for application for 2018:  22nd of October 2017

Good luck! We are looking forward hearing from you!



Træna Kommune, Trænafestivalen, Nordland Fylkeskommune, Nordic Culture Point


3 thoughts on “ABOUT (ENGLISH)

  1. Hi ! your residency looks wonderful. Someone had told me about it.
    Id like to apply,I was however looking for something for the summer as I will already be in Sweden from the US…have you any programs which run during the Summer?Just curious. Thanks.Gary


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