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We are happy that you want to apply to Trænas Artist in Residence Program! Our island community have had a fine experience welcoming artists, designers, architects, journalists, musicians, interaction designers, foodies, filmmakers, photographers, social entrepreneurs and creative businesses the last 2 years. We have had 20 projects running, covering a wide range of creative fields, contributing to the local community in different ways.

Good to know before you apply:

The frame for the program is open, we would like everyone interested to apply. We are a small organisation with a limited budget, but we go through all applications and projects carefully, with curiosity, and we try our best to help projects find additional funding if needed. Within the program we cover accommodation and travel expenses (up to a certain level). You are welcome to apply on your own or as a project group.


Open call

This is an open call for applications, meaning that you are free to apply with all sorts of projects and ideas! If you’d like to get an idea about what’s happening on Træna at the time, and you prefer to form your project based on something on-going, have a look at the potential collaboration projects, listed below.

You can write your application in Scandinavian languages or English.

Download the Application form below, fill out and e-mail info@tenktraena.no. If you have trouble with filling it out, copy the questions below and insert in your own document. We prefer applications via e-mail.

DEADLINE for applications for projects in 2017 is the 22nd of October 2017

Application Form 2018 (doc)

Application Form 2018 (docx)

Application Form 2018 (pdf)


NEWS: If you are interested in our other programs, you can also apply to our Business in Residence or Chefs in Residence Follow the links, read more and apply.

NEWS 2018: Some of our previous or on-going projects are looking for Artist in Residence-projects to collaborate with. Therefore we highlight some potential collaboration themes here:

  • Light designers, or artist that would like to  collaborate with Osram Business in Residence  for lighting installations, lighting events or shows…
  • “Ta Træna med Storm” (Træna Taken by Storm) is our Winter Festival in February. This years activities will focus on Nordic Projects, Food and Lighting – any projects linked to that are welcome to apply.
  • Træna-Hawaii is a project and history that connects Træna to Hawaii. Projects or proposals that could be linked to this program are welcome to apply.
  • In Selvær, the northern island in Træna with around 50 inhabitants, several projects are running. An old fishing industry is about to be renovated and will be in use for a seaweed company. There are also plans on developing gardening projects, pop-up-kitchens and small cabins. The community in Selvær also says they want a sauna! In residency projects could be arranged at Selvær, welcome with your idea.



1. Søker(e)/Applicant(s)

2. Fødselsdato/Date of birth

3. Adresse /Adress

4. Telefon /Phone

5. E-mail

6. Prosjekttittel / Project title

7. Periode/Time period
Please specify what period of time you wish to come. Also write if there are several alternatives. (November 2017-December 2018)

8. Kostnader/Costs
AIR TRÆNA might be able to cover the travel expenses, please estimate your costs. Other expenses (material, production etc) we normally don´t have capacity to cover, but you are welcome to list your expected costs and we might be able to help you find additional funding.

9. Formål med oppholdet/Objectives with the stay
Kort beskrivelse av residentens formål og konkrete aktiviteter. For utdypning, herunder tidsplan, og referanse-prosjekter henvises til vedlegg /Short description of the applicants objectives and planned activities for the stay. Fur further info, such as time-plan or reference projects, please attach documents separately. (maximum 2000 characters)

10. Kort beskrivning av residenten /Short introduction by the resident
Beskriv deg som resident, bakgrunn, kompetanser, interesser. CV og/eller annen relevant informasjon kan vedlegges. / Describe you as a resident; background, competences, interests. CV or other relevant information can be attached (Maximum 1500 characters)

11. Produksjon/Production
Hva blir resultatet av prosjektet? Hvorfor er det av interesse for lokalsamfunnet? Beskriv prosjektets betydning for øy-samfunnet og/eller andre ventede effekter utenfor Træna. /What are the expected results from the project? In what way is it interesting for the local community? Describe the effects locally and/or in a wider context. (Max 3000 characters)

12. Øvrig/Other
Kreves der særlige lokaler eller andre ressurser for att gjennomføre prosjektet? Er der andre særlige opplysninger av betydning for vurdering av prosjektet? / Is there a need for specific localities or other resources in order to complete the project? Any other information good to know when validating the application

13. How did you hear about AIR Træna?

14. Vedlegg/Attached files


For english version check here

Grunnleggende krav:

  • Residenten må være over 18 år
  • Residenten må ha en plan for oppholdet og innlevert en gyldig søknad innen fristen

Utvelgelse skjer på følgende grunnlag:

  • Kunstferdighet/faglig kompetansenivå
    Nivået på søknadens kompetanse innen for dens profesjon vurderes.
  • Nyhetsverdi
    Er prosjektet eller tiltaket nytt, eller har lignende allerede vært prøvd ut på Træna eller i Nordland? Prosjektets potensiale til nyskapning (ny kunnskap, nye aktiviteter, nye forretningsidéer etc) vurderes.
  • Effekt i lokalsamfunnet.
    Hvordan bidrar residentprosjektet til lokalsamfunnets utvikling? Residentens interesse for involvering av lokalsamfunn og deltakelse i lokal / regional sammenheng vurderes.
  • Spin-offs. Er det mulig at prosjektet kan bidra til videreutvikling også etter avsluttet prosjekt?

Ved utvelgelse av residenter tas det hensyn til variasjon, slik at kunstart/fagområde og bidrag til lokalsamfunn blir av forskjellig art.

Valget av aktører som for tildelt plass i residentet gjørs av en utvalgsgruppe sammensatt av personer fra Træna kommune, Helgelands Museum, Trænafestivalen og Træna lokalsamfunn.

Good luck! We are looking forward hearing from you!forsidesbilde_insta


5 thoughts on “SØKNAD / APPLICATION

  1. Dear Traena,
    to whom It may concern,I have heard great things about your residency from Consuelo Griggio,and I frequently do residencies.I see that your next application is not scheduled to happen until 2019 ,the res period that is.Do you ever have any openings due to cancellations? I will be participating as composer in residence at the VICC in Visby/Gotland and will be concluding my stay there on June 21st.I do not know if you even have an active session then.I am hurriedly trying to tag on a second residency on after Gotland , where I can continue to work on my work and stay longer in Europe.Id welcome any response and or feedback.
    Thanks very much,


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