Open call

This is an open call for applications, meaning that you are free to apply with all sorts of projects and ideas! If you’d like to get an idea about what’s happening on Træna at the time, and you prefer to form your project based on something on-going, have a look at the potential collaboration projects, listed below or get in contact with one of us.

You can write your application in Scandinavian languages or English.

Download the Application form below, fill out and e-mail

DEADLINE for applications for projects in 2019 is the 15th of November 2018.

Application Form 2019.(doc)

Application Form 2019(docx)

Application Form 2019 (pdf)


If you would like to have an idea on what to create on the island that suits well with ongoing areas of focus, take a look here:

  • Year of Architecture
    In Træna we are celebrating the year of architecture. Projects linked to new or historical building traditions, on-site-projects or restoring projects could fit well.
  • Winter & summer festival 
    Projects that could be performed during, or linked to, one of our festivals (Winter festival Træna Taken by Storm “Ta Træna med Storm” 14-17. February or Trænafestival 11-13. July)
  • Selvær
    The second biggest island in Træna is called Selvær, with 50 inhabitants. We have so far had one residency project at this location, and it’s possible to set up again. Selvær is known for its rich bird life, active fishing industry, the innovative seaweed company and for its community spirit. Selvær are specially looking for new inhabitants and families, so here you can apply as a family or with a project idea. The community in Selvær also says they want a sauna! Check out Selvær on
  • Træna-Hawaii is a project and history that connects Træna to Hawaii. Projects or proposals that could be linked to this program are welcome to apply.


  • External funding
    Within the existing frames we don’t finance the production costs, but we can help out finding external funding.
  • Collaborations with local partners 
    If you come up with ideas on projects that include local partners, you might create a project that last even longer. Local firms/organisations are for example: På Træna Kaffebrenneri (local coffee roaster), Badstueforeningen (Local Sauna Club), Selvær Bygdeutvikling (Selvær Community group), Grendahuset Træna (Local Community House, Read more about last summers project Un-Urban Experiments)
  • Find more local partners, and read more about Træna on And get in touch if you want to establish contact during your application process


Business in Residence projects can be based on trying out a business concept, researching for starting a local business, using Træna as a testbed for a new product, production or starting a collaboration with a local business. The aim with the Business Residency is to highlight that we need new industry, new work places and that creative people from all fields are very welcome here. Since this program is wide open, you can use either the form for Application to Artist in Residence, or you can send in your own project proposal to


Welcome to apply to our Chefs Residency. As a chef, foodie, harvester or sommelier you are welcome to Træna to explore the local specialties, develop your skills and share your new concepts with the local community. We offer a creative stay with free housing and accessibility to restaurant kitchens. Link to online application for Chefs in Residence

Good luck! We are looking forward hearing from you!



  1. Dear Traena,
    to whom It may concern,I have heard great things about your residency from Consuelo Griggio,and I frequently do residencies.I see that your next application is not scheduled to happen until 2019 ,the res period that is.Do you ever have any openings due to cancellations? I will be participating as composer in residence at the VICC in Visby/Gotland and will be concluding my stay there on June 21st.I do not know if you even have an active session then.I am hurriedly trying to tag on a second residency on after Gotland , where I can continue to work on my work and stay longer in Europe.Id welcome any response and or feedback.
    Thanks very much,


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