Træna-Hawaii anno 2019

During the summer 2019 Micah Sewall was on a residency stay in Træna to work with the story of Træna-Hawaii. He continued the connection between the island communities through his special project.

The work is a reflection from 100 years back, when Alma Sandøy in Træna and Theodor Holmen in Hawaii sent letters and pictures to each other.

In this case Micah is sending letters to his brother in Hawaii and the brother responds. In the old days it could take a couple of months to receive a letter from the other side of the world. These days it’s immediately delivered.

Follow the correspondence through Micahs page here:

In 1898, Theodor Holmen left his island home in Træna, Norway, never to return. He settled for a time in Honolulu, and carried out a 40-year correspondence with Alma, his younger sister who he never met in person.

In 2019, I’m spending one month in Træna, exploring what it’s like to communicate by hand in a digital age. Each day I handwrite a letter to my brother in Honolulu; those letters, as well as his responses, follow.

Interested in getting involved in this project? Visit the Træna page to learn more. Learn much more about the ongoing Træna – Hawaii project at

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