Plastic Recycling & 3D printing in Træna

Lori Hepner came back to Træna for a residency stay in summer 2019. She is a 3D printer specialist and visual artist from Pittsburgh, US. Her project was about continuing the Maker Space Studio in Grendahuset and to make 3D printed objects from recycled plastic found in Træna.

During the Trænafestival Lori held several workshops and introduced the new techniques to the public.

She collected empty beer plastic glasses and printed them into Trænafestivalen Mascot Raudåta. The Raudåta is an important species of zooplankton in the North Atlantic, and it feeds the rest of the ecosystem chain. To showcase the importance to take care of our seas and stop the plastic pollution Lori made printed Raudåtas and gave to the festival guests who had collected plastic!

She also printed some of Trænas symbolic objects that now is to be found in the Museum Shop and in the Tourist Information.

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