World artists in Træna the year to come

Header Air Træna 2018

We are happy to announce the next years Artist in Residence projects in Træna! Out of 65 applications from 14 countries, representing different creative fields and with a wide range of skills, the jury have now selected the coming projects. 

Among them are visual artists, a 3d-printing specialist, musicians and composers, a material designer, film makers, a poetry slammer and a polar permaculture gardener and chef. They come from USA, Svalbard, Belgium, Russia, German, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. No doubt that it will be an exciting 2018 in Træna!

Here is the list of the selected projects.

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Gundega Graudina – musician/composer, Lavtia/Belgium,

(December 2017-January 2018)

Fascinated by the contrasting seasons of light and darkness in Træna, I will create a sound composition/performance Lightscapes//Darkscapes. I will do field recordings of nature and people, process them and combine with the sounds of my guitar and kokle. /

Lori Hepner – 3D-print specialist, associate professor in integrative arts, Pittsburgh, USA

(August-September 2018)

I will be working with residents on a public art project where we will be collecting plastic marine litter to recycle it into locally made 3D printer filament in a new community makerspace in order to create 3D printed art pieces from 3D scans taken at important places in the Træna archipelago. (

Nourta, Ingvild Austgulen – skribent/musiker/slampoet, Kabelvåg, Norge

(February 2018)

Nuorta tar turen til Træna for å skrive slampoesi om havet, kysten, folk og fesk. Med eldre havspoesi, feskarviser og sagn fra nord som inspirasjonskilde, ønsker jeg å skape rap og musikk om det moderne livet langs kysten i Nord-Norge. Det hele framføres tilslutt som en slampoetisk konsert med premiere langt te havs, midt i verden på Træna. 

Chef in Residence project by Benjamin Vidmar from Polar Permaculture, Svalbard.

(February 2018)

In Træna to collaborate with the seaweed project, participate in the winter festival, inspire and get inspiration. “We are working to make Longyearbyen more sustainable and reconnect people back to food. Everything is flown or shipped in and we throw all food waste and sewage into the sea. Our project is trying to create a circular economy here in town in order to work better with nature”. (

Film team Sudba: Dmitry Itskov, Roman Impolitov, Nikita Stritenko, Polina Zimmermann,  Moscow, Russia

(March 2018)

The Northern Paradise is the working title of a documentary.  Humans, art, history and the spirit of Træna. A calm place of serenity, often being called paradise on earth will be explored and captured by a film crew from Russia. We will open the curtain and reveal those, who form the islands and stand behind the art residence.

Marian de Graaff, material designer, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

(May 2018)

“Træna Perle” I like to continue my norwegian “Tang og Tare” project of research,  development and creation of art / product with seaweed and kelp. In Træna I want to develop a “Træna Perle” made with Træna seaweed and  kelp. Handmade. Unique. Natural. A “Pearl from Træna”. A souvenir from Traena.

Un-Urban Experiments: Træna
Eric Forman, New York & Maja Hallén, Umeå

This project is a Summer Workshop for 15 students from Scandinavia & New York. It’s a collaboration between the New York School of Visual Arts, Umeå School of Architecture, The Oslo School of Architecture & Design, Norwegian Design & Architecture (DOGA) and AIR Træna. The workshop is based on interventions in an old structure that is unused, to tell the story of the identity of its place, yet create another/new function, serving the needs of the community today? Funded by the Arts Council, Norway. 


Caroline Krebietke, archeologist, visual artist, curator, Stuttgart, Germany

(October/November 2018)

Træna Through a Pinhole . Experimental analogue photography: Self made Pinhole cameras. After some weeks of exposure they will reveal traces of the sun and archaic images of the environment. Second part of the project is to teach people how to build and use different types of pinhole cameras. The result will be a public platform to show the photos of all participants.

Emma Lysholm & Maja Bygdén

We first came to Træna last year as part of the UMA school of architecture. We are now happy to return once more in order to continue our research of the life and identity of this fascinating archipelago. We will build on to our already existing library of encounters and stories in order to compile a publication attempting to portray the individual and collective beauty of Træna.

There are also a couple of projects coming up as special AIR Projects on Selvær, in addition to this. Those will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.

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