Chicago start-up at Træna Business in Residence

Skjermbilde 2017-06-06 kl. 10.14.01
Photo: from the blog of Jamie Ramsay

The last couple of weeks on Træna, the Business in Residence-guest Jamie Ramsay is working on her business concept. It’s about creating a more eco-friendly leather, instead of using cow leather, she’ll use fish skin. That means she would recycle a rest-product from the local fish industry that normally just would have been thrown away as waste.

As a start-up Jamie is now researching for setting up a small scale production-line at Træna, and is all around for checking the facilities and possibilities, getting to know people and experience all what this island community has to offer. Underway her work she is blogging: Read about the fascinating stories from this Chicago-girls work on Træna. 

More blog-posts from Jamie:


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