Zoe Christiansen, first artist at AIR TRÆNA

IMG_3783 IMG_3730
Zoe Christiansen from The Northern Company is the first artist at AIR TRÆNA. Her project is about seaweed and she is researching and experimenting with the resources we have here at Træna. The project shows that there are a lot of eatable and delicious types of seaweed  in the fresh water around the islands. Even if the Norwegians are not accustomed to seaweed as gourmet ingredient, the market is growing and the sustainable food production is an up-and coming industry. Collaboration between local creatives and businesses are now looked upon. Several workshops have been held in order to try out potential products. In a near future we might have a new Norwegian seaweed farm at Træna, or a local seaweed product. During the artist in residence stay there has also been shootings for a film, a test dish has been served when Queen Sonja came, and during the Trænafestival seaweed will pop up every here and there around at the festival.

If you are curious about Zoe Christiansen and The Northern Company check out the homepage http://www.northerncompany.no/


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